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July 2018

Samurai Ju-Jitsu Academy – Grading 15th July 2018

Kancho Bob Hart and Kyoshi Russ Walsh officiated at the Samurai Ju-Jitsu Academy Grading.  They said all the students were enthusiastic and tried really hard. Well done to all the students who passed their grade! Thank you to Sensei Mark for all his efforts to get his students ready for their grading.

Cherry Leaf Ju-Jitsu Club – Grading 10th July 2018

Congratulations to all the students who gave an excellent performance at their grading.  Thank you to Shihan Nick Horton who officiated at the grading.  A big thank you to Club Coaches, Sensei Gary Dalloway, Sensei Paul Barnett and all the other Coaches who trained and supported their students to help them achieve their grades.  Cherry […]

The Clark Centre Display – 7th July 2018

We could not be more proud of our children from The Clark Centre, World Ju-Jitsu Federation. As a centre, we took part in a display at Barlows Primary School fun fair on Saturday 7th July.  All our warriors were armed with their strong skills and were ready to toe dance on the training mat which […]

Kirkby Ju-Jitsu – Grading 7th July 2018

Kancho Hart had the pleasure of grading the students at Kirkby Ju-Jitsu Club. Well done to everyone!

Thank you also to Sensei Derek Jardine and his Club Coaches who helped the students to achieve their grades.

Saddleworth Ju-Jitsu Club – Grading 3rd July 2018

Congratulations to all the students who graded at Saddleworth Ju-Jitsu Club.  Thank you to their Club Coach,  Shihan Nick Horton for all his time and effort, ensuring his students were ready for their grade. Thank you also to Shihan Mike Widdall who attended to grade the students.

Well done everyone!!

June 2018

Skelmersdale Ju-Jitsu Club Grading – 21st May 2018

Shihan Gary Forster was the presiding Technical Officer at Skelmersdale Ju-Jitsu Grading.  The students were very engaged and all performed very well. Congratulations everyone on achieving your new grades!! Thank you to Club Coach Sensei Bernard Moore and his Coaches for the training and help you give to your students.

Red to Black Ju-Jitsu Club Grading – 1st May 2018

Kyoshi Russ Walsh attended to grade Sensei Eddie Gray’s students.  He said it was “an excellent grade with every student being well focused.  What was particularly impressive was their knowledge of revision of previous grades.”

Well done to all the students and thank you to Sensei Eddie Gray and his Coaches for all their hard work […]

Hull University Seminar and Grading 30th April 2018

Kancho Bob Hart and Shihan Brian Truby delivered a training seminar for Sensei Helen Horrobin (Club Coach) Coaches and Students.  Everyone was very enthusiastic and performed to a high standard when they were ‘put through their paces’.  Thank you to Sensei Helen and Sensei Neil Gordon for their efforts with their students and for the […]

Sheffied Ju-Jitsu Grading 29th April 2018


Kancho Bob Hart and Shihan Brian Truby were delighted to attend Sheffield Ju-Jitsu Grading.  The students all performed to a high standard.  Thanks go to Sensei Simon Cooper and all his Club Coaches for their expertise and efforts to ensure their students passed their grading.

May 2018

Samurai Ju-Jitsu Academy Grading – 8th April 2018

Well done to all the Junior and Senior Students who graded.  Thank you to their Club Coach, Sensei Mark Coope for his time and effort to help them achieve their success.  Thank you also to our Executive Officer, Kyoshi Russ Walsh and Technical Officer, Sensei Oliver Bullock who presided over the grading.