Dear Members,

We take this opportunity to thank you all for your valued support during these difficult times, as some clubs begin to re-open there are others still unable to do so as much as they may want to.

Trust in us, we have your best interests and our students health and welfare at heart.

As you all know the WJJF is run by its members for its members, we are a non profit organisation run by volunteers, but like most other businesses we have still had overheads to cover, with no income, we understand your concerns in not training and your memberships running down, however if you want your club and your federation to survive this global pandemic we must continue to rely on your full membership support, some groups have asked students to continue paying fees during the outbreak. We didn’t choose this route, all we now ask is your FULL support in returning to your clubs dojo’s when you feel comfortable to do so.

Please do not be concerned about returning to training, only clubs that have proved to us they are Covid Safe and have all the correct documentation in place which has been vetted and signed off will be allowed to reopen, we will mark these Clubs as Covid Safe with their re-opening dates on our club-finder so you know they have been approved.

Stay Safe Stay with the WJJF

Kancho Robert Hart