The University of Hull Ju-Jitsu Club, an official WJJF club will be holding some exciting events over the coming months, details below. For more information contact them directly via their club website: University of Hull Ju-Jitsu Club or the club finder.


Fabulass Programme

The University’s Ju-Jitsu Club will be facilitating two sessions in the established female only sport and exercise programme, Fabulass. Fabulass is the sport and exercise programme exclusive for females at the University of Hull. Fabulass was created through research with students at the Halls of Residence at the University and females were requesting a programme just for women. We ensured that the branding was new, fresh and appealing and we deliberately chose a Wednesday evening as this resulted in attracting new participants who are not in a University Sports Club; those who wouldn’t participate in sports usually.

Fabulass is unique in the sense that every week is a surprise activity and the participants will not know what they’ll be taking part in until they arrive to the session. The sessions were fitness focused as well as introducing the basics skills of each sports with the main focus of fun, social and empowering women to be physically active. At the end of each session we took a photo of the group to acknowledge their hard work and encourage other females that anyone can get involved in sports and physical activity. The sports that are implemented into the programmes all have an exit route into the Campus Sport Programme or into a University Sports Club encouraging continuation into sports and physical activity.

Ju-Jitsu will be facilitating two sessions in the two programmes which are aimed at:

  • The Lawns Centre – First year students on the 4th
  • Hull Campus – Second, third year students, staff and members of community on the 3rd

The club will be tailoring the session making it more fitness focused as well as introducing the basics of Ju-Jitsu.


Inclusive Programme

Starting September Campus Sport will be establishing our Inclusive offer at the University offering a wide range of sports and activities for students to take part in on a Saturday morning from 10-12pm. At the University of Hull we have one of the highest percentages of disabled students across the UK so we are keen and eager to get the offer right.

The structure of the programme will be:

  • A 12 week programme starting from the 3rd October – 19th December,
  • We will change the sport, activity each week so we are offering a variety of sports throughout the programme,
  • Distribute a survey on the 19th December to discover which sports and activities the students would like to participate in on a regular basis,
  • From the findings we will produce a structured programme post-Christmas with the activities and sports students enjoyed the most.

The University Ju-Jitsu club will also be facilitating one session in the Inclusive programme ensuring that they have an Inclusive Club offer to all students at the University.