At the World Ju Jitsu Federation we know everything there is to know on the subject of Ju-Jitsu – from the history, traditions and philosophies of the ancient martial art, to every aspect of its practice.

The World Ju Jitsu Federation offers its experienced members the opportunity to practise Ju-Jitsu as an official WJJF affiliated club. There are many benefits to be gained from affiliating with a credible, experienced and non-political Ju-Jitsu organisation – benefits that include:
* A sophisticated backup
* Strong financial support
* Administrative assistance
* Everything that a new club requires for it to thrive
* Help with gradings, courses and promotional activity

Many specialist courses are held at the WJJF UK Liverpool Headquarters, including:
* Intensive courses – enabling you to become proficient in Ju-Jitsu at a variety of levels
* Advanced Black Belt instruction
* Practical Self Defence Classes and recognised coaching courses for levels 1, 2 and 3 to all WJJF instructors