We could not be more proud of our children from The Clark Centre, World Ju-Jitsu Federation. As a centre, we took part in a display at Barlows Primary School fun fair on Saturday 7th July.  All our warriors were armed with their strong skills and were ready to toe dance on the training mat which was baking in the hot sun, but was that going to deter them? Absolutely not!!  The sun was shining, legs and arms were flying with fabulous kicks and punches and all the Sensei had a little show off too!  The children trained hard and showcased their great martial art techniques for all family, friends and the local community to enjoy. They demonstrated their katas and a few of the amazing attack and defence techniques they’ve been taught at The Clark Centre.  We finished our display on a high note when the kids got their revenge on the Sensei! The determination on their faces was proof they are, and will be worthy opponents, and have a great future at World Jujitsu.  So a huge thank you to Sensei Jane, Sensei Nicola, Sensei Shaun and Sensei Keith for their hard work and support in the display and the organisation building up to it, but a special thank you must go to the children and their families. None of which we do would be possible without them.



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