We are pleased to announce that once again we have expanded the WJJF UK CIC family, the Shiro Tora group have become our third partner in Italy, working alongside Kyoshi Guido Nicoli representing NAMA and Kyoshi Andrea Colombini representing PMA.

All three groups have a special devotion to our late Soke, with the collective belief in bringing back the Robert Clark Syllabus to all that wish to train Martial Arts the WJJF way.

Welcoming Sensei Gianluca Ferretti, representing the Shiro Toro group, to the WJJF, is Kyoshi Guido Nicoli (NAMA), Kyoshi Andrea Colombini (PMA) was unable to be present but sent his best wishes.

We all look forward to working together, in harmony, for the benefit of the original World Ju-Jitsu Federation.

Kan-cho Robert Hart