This weekend Shihan Yavor Dyankov 10/03/2018 visited the world Ju Jitsu Federation Headquarters to instruct at our unique masters class.

The day started early with over 40 junior students from Shihan Brian Truby’s club taking their Kyu grades from white to brown belt. Over seen by Kancho Robert Hart, Shihan Yavor Dyankov and Sensei David Howard the gradings were of exceptional standard and Shihan Dyankov was highly impressed by the level off  discipline and commitment.


Once all the junior gradings were completed the session continued with the Master Class instructed by Shihan Brian Truby and Shihan Yavor Dyankov.



Thank you to all the senior students that attended, a special thank you to Shihan Yavor Dyankov and Shihan Brian Truby for instructing a technical and dynamic Master Class.